"The Cardboard Hedgehog (and Other Stories)"
An Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fanfiction set in the Motion Practice universe
Chapter 14: “The Truth (or Dare)”
Grant Ward, Skye, Jemma Simmons, Leo Fitz
Rated M for adult themes; 2,564 words

Grant Ward is a legal intern at the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office. He is also, apparently, both cardboard and a hedgehog. (Don’t ask.)

In today’s installment, Grant’s both helped and hindered by a high school game and a healthy amount of vodka.

(Are you never happy, Skye?)


Q:What I’m listening to right now.

The sound of my husband typing. I literally just got home from work and haven’t turned on any youtube or music or anything yet.

R:Last movie I’ve watched.

Cap 2!

S:What’s my ringtone.

"Shake-a-Booty" by Hank Green

(When I first got my phone, I made it the beginning of “Send Me On My Way” (…better known as “that song from Matilda” for those of you who don’t recognize the title), but it’s not attention-grabbing enough, really.)

T:Favourite male character from a TV show.


This question took literally no thought.

(Actually, for all that I usually have a really hard time picking favorites, I do actually have one single favorite male TV character and one single favorite female tv character (Penelope Garcia, naturally!). Anything else, favorites are HAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRDDDDDDD.)

Fandom Osmosis: Attack on Titan?

This is one I know essentially nothing about. I’m pretty sure it’s an anime, I think it’s the one that also gets tagged as “SNK” (no idea what that stands for but I assume it’s the Japanese title?) and that perhaps sometimes people get pissy about fans using the English title instead of the Japanese one? Other than that, nothing.

(Confession: I have that one blacklisted because it was suddenly ALL OVER MY DASH and I have no intention of ever watching it.)

anarialm replied to your post “anarialm replied to your post:anarialm replied to your post “Things…”

Can’t hurt! Unless the manager doesn’t like your husband.

I’m fairly certain they get along pretty well, so I don’t think that’s an issue. :)

test my dashboard osmosis abilities


send me an ask about a fandom i know nothing about and i will summarize it as best i can

Hank Green and the Perfect Strangers - I Fucking Love Science
70,282 plays



First Track on Incongruent: “I Fucking Love Science.” I think this will also be the first music video…if all goes according to plan.

Obviously, this is the explicit version. If you like it please share! And high five to Rob Scallon for that SICK DRUM SOLO!

God I’m excited about this.

We are so excited about this!

That would be amazing. I hope your interview goes super well, then!

I’ve got my fingers crossed! It’s not until next Tuesday, so I’ve got some time to prepare. And this weekend I plan on picking my husband’s brain about what the interview process there is like.

(He has already put in a good word for me with the hiring manager, so that’s a good start, I think?)

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check out The Dinning Sisters if you’re unfamiliar with them. love their harmonies!
errr, that was supposed to be “I love their harmonies,” not a command for you to do so.

Hee. I assumed that’s what you meant.

But I will definitely have to investigate them!

anarialm replied to your post “Things today: Got a call from one of the jobs I’d applied to over the…”


Yeah, holy crap, I am ridiculously excited about this phone interview. I mean, terrified out of my wits because I interview VERY POORLY and am also BAD AT PHONES, but dude, I want this job. It’s a little outside of the realm of what I like reallyreally want to be doing, but it’s EXPERIENCE IN THE INDUSTRY. And I know for a fact the company pays well (because when Husband took the job at this company, he went from making about 5k more than I do to making LITERALLY DOUBLE what I make) and has good benefits. I am very excited about BENEFITS because I currently have NONE (because “*whine* fringe is so high here” have I mentioned lately how much I dislike my boss?).

So yeah.

AND if I get this job, it sounds like I’ll be learning how to use a program that seems to be a fairly popular one in industry circles, so that’ll be good experience if I decide to move on somewhere else after a year or so.

entwashian replied to your post “LMN”

omg, so on my way back from seeing Cap 2, I was driving my mom’s car, which has satellite radio, so I was super excited that I could tune in to the 1940’s “pop” channel… except for some reason that night it was ALL BILLY JOEL ALL THE TIME OMG

Wow, someone on that channel MADE A MISTAKE. What even.

I need more 1940s music in my life, I think.